Committees of the Board

Board of Directors

Meets on the fourth Monday of the month and discusses objectives, concerns of the local physician community, and policies of the Medical Society; serves as a grassroots organization; works with the Illinois State Medical Society and the American Medical Association on pending legislation.

Finance Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board on the Medical Society's investment portfolio. Meets quarterly.

Membership Task Force

Develops a course of action to encourage participation in the Medical Society, inform members and non-members of the benefits of membership, and bring forth ideas for new programs of interest for our membership.

Mediation Committee

A physician committee reviews and mediates patient claims relating to the medical care provided by member physicians. This avenue offers patients and physicians an opportunity to defuse problems locally.

Government Affairs Committee

Meets with state and national legislators to discuss legislation concerning healthcare and our community. Work with local physicians so they may be able to address concerns directly, either through meetings locally or Springfield, and/or by contacting legislators by phone, e-mail or letter writing campaigns.

Technology Committee

Organizes and monitors the web site, offers improvements and suggestion on how to enhance the web site, way of utilizing the web site as a member benefit. Develop way of communicating with physicians in the community.

Golf Play Day Committee

Plans and carries out tasks to assure a successful golf play day. Gathers information on prospects to participate as corporate sponsors of the event. Develop incentives for an increase of members participating.

Nominating Committee

Establishes a slate of potential Board of Directors for the membership to vote on at the Annual Meeting.