The Winnebago County Medical Society is a physician-driven organization committed to uniting and representing Winnebago County physicians. WCMS equips all physicians with the support and advocacy needed for success throughout their careers, from medical school and residency to active practice and retirement by sharing information with local legislators. Here's how we work together:

  • We safeguard and celebrate the doctor-patient relationship.
  • We champion legislative policies that benefit both physicians and patients.
  • We foster an engaged and dynamic medical community.
  • We educate and serve our patients, medical teams, and local communities.

Being a WCMS member brings numerous benefits, including unmatched advocacy and tailored assistance, as well as resources to keep you informed about the latest medical trends and provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) to maintain your licensure. Explore what WCMS stands for and discover how your voice can truly make a difference.


Legislative Advocacy: WCMS engages directly with state and national legislators. By keeping our members informed about crucial legislation, we empower them to actively engage with legislators and play a role in shaping the legislative landscape.

Not sure who to contact? Find your elected officials at


Continuing Medical Education: WCMS provides valuable learning opportunities, including practice management, socioeconomics, and personal/professional development programs. Some of these programs also offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities.

Community Involvement:

Rock River Valley Blood bank

Rock River Valley Blood Bank:

WCMS works with RRVBC on community health issues, appoints physicians to the RRVBC Board of Directors.

Rock River Valley Blood bank

Rockford Regional Health Council:

WCMS works with the Council on programs measuring and bettering the health of the community. WCMS also appoints physicians to the RRHC Board of Directors.

UIC Logo

University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford:

WCMS offers support through various activities and scholarships.

Crusader Health Logo

Crusader Community Health:

WCMS supports Crusader Community Health’s programs and activities throughout the year.

wchd logo

Winnebago County Health Department:

WCMS works with committees on projects in the community.


Social Activities:

Throughout the year, WCMS hosts get togethers for members and hosts an annual golf playday.

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